10 tips for a great sleep

Dr. Chris Carruthers Top 10 Tips to Sleep Well Tonight

Healthy sleep is foundational to wellness is every aspect of human life. A sleepy workforce has many consequences for your business because it is essential for effective stress management, discernment required for a safe and error-free workplace, motivation and mental clarity for decision-making and handling conflict, immune system strength for prolonged wellness, and so much more. Employee wellness efforts have focused on nutrition, exercise and stress management for decades, but the key underlying aspect of sleep has been neglected. Here are 10 Tips from Dr. Chris Carruthers to help you and your team sleep well tonight:

1. Routine
The 24-hour circadian rhythm is what regulates the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Set your circadian clock by keeping a routine with consistent wake-up and bed times. 

2. Atmosphere is everything
Create a cool, quiet, dark, well-ventilated bedroom that you love Remove any work or electronic materials from your sleep sanctuary. Sleep on a fresh, comfortable mattress and pillows. 

3. Adopt a light exposure strategy
Light has a major influence on the circadian rhythm. Expose yourself to natural light in the mornings, make space for sunshine to touch your skin during the day, and avoid bright, artificial light close to bedtime. 

4. Move your body
Exercise every day, but do so no later than 3 hours before laying down for bed.  

5. Take short daytime naps
Avoid napping after 5pm as this can upset sleep drive for bedtime. Nap early, for 20-30 minutes, or not at all. 

6. Watch what you consume in the evening
Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and heavy meals in the evening. 

7. Establish a soothing pre-sleep ritual 
To ease the transition from wake time to sleep time, power down electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bed and spend time doing whatever helps  you find relaxation in the mind and body. This may include writing, puzzling, reading, meditation, gentle yoga, or a warm bath or shower. Whatever works for you! 

8. Put and end to tossing and turning   
If you catch yourself tossing and turning, overthinking yourself out of falling asleep, stop trying to fall asleep. Avoid using your mental power against yourself. By watching the clock you’ll only work up worry about how much sleep you are losing. If you can’t sleep after about 20 minutes of trying, get up, go into another room, and do something relaxing until you feel tired and try again. 

9. Learn how to relax with breath
Learn basic breathing and relaxation techniques that calm anxiety, reset your natural rhythms, and gradually decrease any need for sleeping pills or supplements. 

10. Make sleep sacred
Adopt the mentality that sleep is sacred time that is necessary for optimal performance of your body and mind. Sleep is self-care. Expect to sleep well and allow sleep to wash over you. You deserve it! 

Book Dr. Chris Carruthers for your next event, your sleep will thank you.

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