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Character Comedians

Every comedian has a distinct personality, and when performing on stage, all comedians play a kind of a version or character of themselves. However, there are comedians that are known as Character Comedians. These comedians create an entirely new persona for their comedy performance. The comedic character is what separates a comedian from a comic.

For a character comedian, character comedy is derived from the persona created by the performer. In other words, a character comedian whose character and joke telling ability is what makes them so funny. Playing a character allows a comedian to create entirely new material to work with and allows for more flexibility.

In character comedy, the comedian performs as though he was a character created by him or her. A lot of character comedy comes from stereotypes. The characters they play have real personalities, a certain way of talking, particular interests, and certain likes and dislikes. It is this natural character – speaking style, facial expressions, body language, dress, and voice inflections, that makes the character comedian so hilarious and so popular at just about every type of event.

We have a great list of character comedians to fit your particular event needs. The performers come from diverse backgrounds, experience, and have traveled extensively performing. Many are award winning performers and many have been featured on television and film. Great material, the ability to adapt an act for a particular event, experience, and extensive knowledge, all allow professional character comedians to deliver the best performance and please the entire audience.

Character Comedians are some of the many corporate entertainers you will find on our site. Their extensive and skilled background makes these talented professionals an ideal choice for such events as conventions, trade shows, comedy festivals, speaking events, charity events, sports events, corporate events, and much more.

Find your perfect character comedian by name, topic, fee range, or geographic location for your event. If you are looking for a specific entertainer not listed please contact us as we specialize in placing those hard to find entertainers.

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