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Hypnosis is a natural experience and has proven to be an ideal solution for a wide range of entertainment needs. Hypnotist shows are hilarious, safe, incredibly entertaining, uses people you know, and can be customized and tailored to fit your event needs. As well, it is suitable for a wide range of ages. We have some of the best and most entertaining hypnotists for your event.

People will choose a hypnotist for corporate entertainment because it’s safe, affordable, hilarious, and highly entertaining. Professional hypnotists will ensure all guests are informed and educated about the hypnosis performance process. Hypnosis shows are suitable when you have a group and you wish to have the audience members participate in the show. Audience members become part of the show in a hilarious way! Participants are never humiliated, but instead get to be the subject of exploring the power of the mind through mind suggestions. Members of the audience can participate and be one of the stars of the show, or just sit back and enjoy the show.

An experienced hypnotist will always include the audience and continually interact with them. The hypnotist will keep everyone on the edge of the seats for the entire show and will always be outgoing, have a great sense of humour, and be very energetic, which will make the entire performance unforgettable. The audience will be amazed, mystified, intrigued, and completely entertained.

Hypnotists featured have performed at a wide range of venues such as fairs, corporate events, trade shows, conventions, schools, charity events, clubs, casinos, private parties, and more. Your audience will enjoy a professionally produced, interactive, hilarious, and clean content show, guaranteed to be remembered. You will easily find a great Hypnotist on our site.

Find your perfect entertainer by name, topic, fee range, or geographic location. If you are looking for a specific entertainer not listed please contact us as we specialize in placing those hard to find entertainers.

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The following are hypnotist profiles for hypnotists who could be the answer for your entertainment needs.

World Class Hypnotist And Magician Performer. His Astonishing Premier Act Combines Magnificent High-Level Illusions, Mind-Blowing Hypnosis, And State-Of-The-Art Mind Reading.

Hypnotist Of The Deep Performs Hilarious, Tasteful, And Inspiring, Hypnosis Shows Throughout North America.

Has Been A Guest Expert On Radio And Television Including A Feature In Psychology Today Magazine. He’s Acted In 4 Award Winning Short Films And Performed Improv Theater Through University.

Fernandez Is A One Man Production Show Integrating Cutting Edge Multimedia And Special Effects Creating A Unique Hypnosis of Experience Of Video, Music, And Lighting.

Book Hooper The Fun Hypnotist For Your Company’s Entertainment. The Shows Are Clean Allowing Everyone To Feel Comfortable With The Idea Of Volunteering.

Renowned Comedy Hypnotist Will Have Your Guests Leaving Feeling Better Than When They Arrived, Whether They Are in the Audience or on the Stage.

This Family Hypnosis Show Is A Side Splitting, Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Like No Other.

Has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Presents A Triumph Of Imagination, Suspense, Science, And Cinematic Artistry That Demonstrates Why This Stage Hypnotist Is Fast Becoming The Most Sought After Corporate Entertainer In The World Today!

Hilarious Comedy Hypnotist, Create A Guaranteed WOW Entertainment Experience For Your Event.

Hilarious Hypnotist Who Headlines His Very Own Show In Las Vegas Originally From Alberta.

Along With The Music And Stage Production, The Volunteers Are The True Stars Of The Michael Leach Hypnotic Adventure, And They Are Always Treated With The Utmost Respect And Care On His Stage

Involved With Hypnosis For Over 30 Years, Both As A Hypnotherapist And Entertainer. With Robert, Audiences Will Go One Step Beyond Anything They Have Ever Seen Before!

Hilarious, Interactive, Engaging, Best Describe A Sebastian Steel Hypnosis Show.  Performing At Corporate Events, Fundraisers To School Shows.

TV Hypnotist From NETFLIX, FOX, NBC, TMZ, TODAY Show & Rachael Ray Show

Informative Hypnosis Motivational Programs To Transform Thinking. Boris Helps Understand And Overcome Mental Blocks With Humorous Hands-On Examples.

Hypnosis Show Is A Little Bit Of Vegas And A Lot Of Learning! People Who Have Attended Troy Mitchell’S Shows Are Highly Entertained And Leave Feeling Inspired And Alive.

Peak Performance Expert & Hypnotist Will Show You How To Boost Performance, Harness Your Greatest Resource, And Be Thoroughly Entertained With Non-Stop Laughter And Inspiration.

Uses Hypnosis As An Entertaining Art Form. Regarded As One Of Canada’s Best Hypnotists, William James Delivers A Mesmerizing Event!