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Mental health comprises of the psychological, emotional, and social well-being a person. It has a massive influence on how a person acts, thinks, and feel. It also helps determine how we manage stress, make choices, and relate to others. To boast of a certain level of optimum well-being, we must have perfect mental health.

Mental health affects a person’s daily and work life, relationship, and physical health. It also influences the individual’s ability to enjoy life and achieve a balance between life activities and efforts to attain psychological resilience. The mental health of a person vary at various stages in his or her life even as they move from childhood to adolescent and finally, adulthood depending on the experiences faced by that individual.

Maintaining a very good mental health state is a very crucial factor in an individual’s day-to-day life. Therefore, mental health should be a top priority for every individual and corporation as even little mental health problems can spell danger to our overall health. Stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, the demise of a loved one, grief, addiction, suicidal thoughts, and other mental illness of varying degrees can lead to mental health problems. These problems can be managed by therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physicians, with the aid of treatments like counseling, therapy, or medications.

Some individuals are capable of providing the best mental health advice, tips, and information. These persons are called mental health speakers and offer essential speeches that are aimed at enhancing a person’s mental health and preventing mental problems. Some mental health speakers who have gone through some mental health issues at one point or the other in their lives, also share their wellness journey story as a way to inspire their listeners.

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