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Top First Nations Comedians

Our Aboriginal comedians also known as First Nations comedians have a great sense of humour. Their humour balances a healthy dose of dry wit, well-delivered punchlines, some subtle puns, and a generous helping of the absurd. This is what the phrase “Native sense of humour” truly means, and is what makes this brand of comedy so uniquely enjoyable.

For people who have never experienced a First Nations virtual comedy performance, or who have experienced a side-splitting performance by Indigenous comedians, MCP Talent Agency books some of the funniest First Nations performers for your event.

There is also nothing like belly-busting laughter to help people ease into sometimes difficult discussions about race, marginalization, and Indigenous culture. Furthermore, the ever-increasing awareness of First Nations history and culture makes it much easier for Indigenous comedians to focus on their unique heritage and cultural differences in a way that makes people laugh with ease and comfort.

Most Requested Aboriginal Comedians

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