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Top Bilingual Acts

Why would a performer who has already had success in their native language choose to perform in second language? Ask a group of bilingual comedians and performers and the answers are as distinctive as each performer’s performance.

For instance, by telling a joke in two languages, these comedians can tap into the part of the brain that interprets such things as irony, puns, and double meanings. This means there is a whole new way to deliver funny and there is a whole new way to make something funny.

Ideal choice for such events as conventions, trade shows, Christmas parties, charity events, sports events, corporate events, and much more.

We have a great list of award winning comedy acts & performers, many have been featured on television and film. Great material, experience, rhythm, flexibility, impeccable timing, ability to adapt an act for a particular event, and extensive knowledge, all allow professional bilingual performers to deliver the best performance.

Most Popular Bilingual Comedians

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