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Top Bilingual Acts

Why would a performer who has already had success in their native language choose to perform in second language? Ask a group of bilingual comedians and performers and the answers are as distinctive as each performer’s performance.

For instance, by telling a joke in two languages, these comedians can tap into the part of the brain that interprets such things as irony, puns, and double meanings. This means there is a whole new way to deliver funny and there is a whole new way to make something funny.

Ideal choice for such events as conventions, trade shows, Christmas parties, charity events, sports events, corporate events, and much more.

We have a great list of award winning comedy acts & performers, many have been featured on television and film. Great material, experience, rhythm, flexibility, impeccable timing, ability to adapt an act for a particular event, and extensive knowledge, all allow professional bilingual performers to deliver the best performance.

Most Popular Bilingual Comedians

A Singing Impressionist That Can Slip From Joe Cocker’s Husky Croon To Dionne Warwick Quicker Than Most Performers Can Take A Curtain Call!

Rural Audiences React Enthusiastically To A Brand Of Humour That’s Just As Likely To Be Inspired By A Classified Ad In A Small-Town Newspaper As By Headlines In The Globe And Mail.

His Stand-Up Comedy Are Deeply Rooted In The Fact That He’s Italian Canadian. He Is Able To Reach Out To The Outsider In All Of Us.

A Symphony Of Voices And Comedy Fused Together In One Package To Deliver A Total Entertainment Experience, All With An Astounding Five-Octave Vocal Range.

Combination Of Inventor, Acrobat, Comedian, Musician, & Juggler Rolled Up Into One Charismatic “Master Of The Unusual.” Michel Lauziere Is An Artist Which Invariably Dazzles By His Humor, Tenderness, Wit, And Incredible Skills.

Rhythm, Quality Writing And Impeccable Timing Are What Make Sylvain One Of The Most Sought After Bilingual Comedic Performers In The Country Today.

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