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Top Dueling Pianos Shows

Spice up your next event with dueling pianos. Their world class musicianship will have your entire group smiling, singing, and dancing. Take your audience on a non-stop, high energy, sing-along dueling piano ride that delights people young, old, and in-between. Most dueling piano acts have song request lists in the thousands!  Humor and audience participation are prevalent, bits are comedic routines or audience participation, many woven in the songs themselves.

A typical dueling piano show normally features two to four piano players. They can work in teams throughout the night, taking audience requested songs. The big advantage of having more than two players, is they can play non-stop, by switching off players.

The acts use two grand pianos or more commonly two piano shells, with keyboards being inserted in the shells. Piano Shells are nothing more than a devise to create the illusion of real pianos on stage. Sometimes made from wood, sometime made from plastic or other material.

Most Requested Dueling Piano Shows

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