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Safety speakers for keeping your workforce safer

Safety is a priority for your workers and your business; the right health and safety speaker will inspire.

The average Canadian spends thirty six hours per week or roughly one third of waking hours at work. With so much time spent working, the workplace becomes a huge influence on the overall health and wellness of a person. There are many different facets of health and safety that are easily and often overlooked in…

10 tips for a great sleep

Dr. Chris Carruthers Top 10 Tips to Sleep Well Tonight

Healthy sleep is foundational to wellness is every aspect of human life. A sleepy workforce has many consequences for your business because it is essential for effective stress management, discernment required for a safe and error-free workplace, motivation and mental clarity for decision-making and handling conflict, immune system strength for prolonged wellness, and so much…

sales speakers

Finding the right sales speaker to fire up your team.

Why do you need to motivate your sales team? For many businesses, sales is a vital element of the internal ecosystem, providing the momentum that the entire organization needs to thrive.  When sales are in a slump, the heat and pressure is felt throughout the company. While it’s always ideal to stay ahead of the…

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