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Ethnic Comedians

Ethnic Comedians are always a crowd pleaser. Performing their hilarious routines about growing up with an ethnic background as well as making funny observations about family and daily life experiences from an ethnic point of view, always gets the crowd roaring in their seats. “Ethnic” humour has now become popular with mainstream audiences. Corporate Entertainers has the funniest Ethnic Comedians for your event.

Particular ethnic groups have common characteristics that makes their humour unique. Professional ethnic comedians understand the balance when delivering their distinct ethnic comedy. Much of the humour focuses on revealing cultural differences. Ethnic humour allows audiences to laugh at differences between cultures in a positive way.

Hilarious ethnic comedians come from all walks of life and each have their own unique funny perspectives on life. Also, there is nothing like side splitting laughter to help people ease into sometimes difficult discussions about ethnic issues. As well, today more people understand the distinct differences among ethnic groups so it is much easier for ethnic comedians to tailor their performances so that the focus is on ethnic differences that is presented in a way that makes people laugh with ease.

No matter the event, there are hilarious ethnic comedians that have been making audiences laugh for years and have traveled all over North America and the world entertaining at many different types of events such as conventions, charity events, sports events, corporate events, trade shows, comedy festivals, and much more. We have professional award winning ethnic comedians who offer a diverse range of unique performances, and no topic is off limits, from their own ethnic background, culture, to politics, pop culture, cultural differences, and much more. Each ethnic comedian packs hilarious commentary and stories into every performance. Your audience is guaranteed to be laughing throughout the entire performance.

Many of the ethnic comedians on are award winning performers and many have been featured on television and film. The comedy styles of each ethnic comedian featured are so unique and so original that there is always something they say that will make you and your guests laugh. Find your perfect ethnic comedian by name, topic, fee range, or geographic location. If you are looking for a specific entertainer not listed please contact us as we specialize in placing those hard to find entertainers.

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Below is a list of ethnic comedians that will be a hit at your event:

Angelo Tsarouchas is a Greek-Canadian comedian and actor. Known as “The Hitman of Hilarity”, Angelo has more than just a pretty mobster face.

His Stand-Up Comedy Are Deeply Rooted In The Fact That He’s Italian Canadian. He Is Able To Reach Out To The Outsider In All Of Us.

Actor, Writer, Comedian, Draws Hilarious Routines From His Italian Roots.

Has Been Hailed As One Of The Funniest Native American Comedians And Actors On Television Today. Born And Raised In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Howie Is A First Nation Descendant Of The Cree Nation.

Joey Is A Very Popular And Hilarious Comedian And Has Appeared In No Less Than 12 Just For Laughs Festivals.

Award Winning Native American Comedian Featured On The Showtime Special, Goin’ Native As Well Appearances On PBS, FNX, & The Latino Laugh Festival.

Has Appeared On Just For Laughs, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Halifax Comedy Festival, CBC’s Comics!

As Well As Being A Stand Up Comedian Steve Is A School Teacher, A TV Host, A TV Reporter, And An Actor.

Steve Is An Old Ukrainian Farmer Who Is Married To Stella And Runs A Mixed Up Farm Near Double Bumps (Two Hills, Alberta).