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Mentalists are one of the hottest trends in event entertainment today. A mentalist is a type of performer who utilizes telepathic, intuitive, or other supernatural talents to read the minds of audience members. Keep your guests completely awestruck with a professional and talented mentalist.

Why hire an Mentalist? If you want your guests to not only be entertained, but also amazed and astonished, a mentalist can be the perfect solution your event. A mentalist can create a fun filled memorable event that is highly entertaining and often very funny. A mentalist will keep your guest on the edge of their seats for the entire show. The question of the night will be, “How did he/she do that?” If you want an unforgettable show that is exciting and fun, a mentalist is the way to go.

At MCP Talent, we have internationally known, world-class mentalists. When you hire one of our mentalists your guests will be amazed and entertained throughout the entire show. Browse through our list of mentalists. Click on the links on each mentalist/s name to visit their page and learn all about their performance. Watch videos and read reviews to help you make your decision.

The mentalists listed come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and have traveled extensively performing. Many are award winning mentalists that have even appeared on television. If you need help picking one of our professional mentalists for your event, we would be happy to help you. Our mentalists are available for many different types of events such as: corporate events, trade shows, conventions, fundraisers, sports events, casinos, after dinner entertainment, cruises. golf tournaments, holiday parties, comedy festivals, awards events, and much more. We will help you select the best mentalist for your specific type of event and audience.

It is amazing to watch a mentalist work. Interactive and very thrilling, a mentalist gets the audience involved and keeps them captivated for the entire performance. At MCP Talent, we have the mentalists that will make your event a success.

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The following are Mentalist profiles who could be the answer for your entertainment needs:

World Class Hypnotist And Magician Performer. His Astonishing Premier Act Combines Magnificent High-Level Illusions, Mind-Blowing Hypnosis, And State-Of-The-Art Mind Reading.

Featuring Canada’s most sought after comedy magic duo, with over 26 years of Comedy Magic performance experience.

Prior To Being An Award-winning Mentalist Eric Was Recognized As One Of The Country’s Top Radio Broadcasters.

Magician, And Mind Reader. His Greatest Skill Is The Ability To Captivate And Engage An Audience Right From The Start Of A Show And Keep Them Interested, Entertained And Astonished Right To The Very End.

Jeff Will Influence Your Thoughts. He’ll Predict What You'll Do Before You Even Know You’re Doing It. He Will Even Read Your Mind.

Stage Mentalist And Host Of Popular TV Show, The Other Side Investigating Paranormal Events.

Mentalist And Psychic Entertainer Who Takes You On An Entertaining And Awe-inspiring Journey Of The Mind.

An Entertaining & Mesmerizing Show For Everyone!  Feats Of The Mind Combined With Very Funny And Totally Clean Humour Will Keep Your Guests Engaged.

Mind Reading, Levitation, Prediction, And Telekinesis. Their Show Is A Slick Blend Of Interactive Entertainment And Comic Relief That Defies Logic.

International Mind Reading Sensations, Successfully Fooled Penn & Teller In Season Five.

One Of Canada’s Top Professional Mentalist, Magician, And Psychological Entertainers.