Why are motivational speakers important

Why are motivational speakers important?

Motivational speakers can do a lot for a company or organization. Many organizations hire specific ones because they specialize in their industry or have a niche that meets the company’s goals.

There are five basic kinds of motivational speakers and they include those that work for business, sports, youth, health, inspirational, and spiritual organizations. Motivational speakers have fees that are paid by the organization. Motivational speakers have different fees but all require that travel and accommodations be paid for. A good motivational speaker can cost between $4,000 to $10,000.

Those speakers who are in high demand will have higher fees and require more personal comfort during their stay.

Basic Duties of a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is expected to do certain things. One of the primary duties is to deliver a speech. A speech from a motivational speaker is typically a keynote but can also be used for breakfast get-togethers, workshops, or other functions.

A speaker is expected to be able to connect with the audience. This is important for those attending to absorb the message. Another function is to put the company or organization’s message into an entertaining show. This is particularly important when a company is launching a new product or when an organization is promoting an upcoming campaign.

One way motivational speakers are used is to inspire and educate regarding things like productivity, business culture, and working through company changes. Some speakers are specialists in these areas, making them in high demand.

A motivational speaker is expected to keep up with the newest and best trends, industry changes, and research. Many of these are usually included in speeches and are reinforced in workshops and other parts of a convention or conference.

Going the Extra Mile

Some professional speakers will meet with company officials ahead of time to be clear on company messaging and the purpose to be included. This could be company goals, a line of thought they want employees to follow, or specific productivity goals. Meeting well before the event is one step that creates a successful speech.

What Can a Motivational Speaker Do?

There are four ways a motivational speaker can improve your company or organization. They can provide stories of overcoming and success that inspire your team to try to do better to reach goals. They can improve productivity and profits with strategies and actionable steps. They can provide new ideas and a different viewpoint for your employees and a good motivational speaker can help employees return and promote the company’s core goals.

What Makes a Good Motivational Speaker?

There isn’t any one answer to the question of what makes a good motivational speaker. Speakers run the gamut of sports or media personalities to doctors with high-education degrees, to industry leaders who understand emerging trends in their sector.

Speakers fall into a few different categories with some mixing their skills. Some are purely for dinner or keynote entertainment and include performers like magicians, mentalists, and musicians. Even performers tend to incorporate messaging and company goals into their acts.

Other speakers are those who have an unusual or interesting story that they combine with thought-leadership ideas like overcoming challenges, surviving competition, and team-building. Some motivational speakers are well-versed in company concepts like conflict resolution or delegating responsibility. A huge trend today is speakers who are gifted in helping employees work through change.

The pandemic and what followed have meant major changes for many organizations and companies. People are resistant to change so a motivational speaker can prompt employees to be more responsive and accepting of it.

Speakers can also serve multiple purposes besides giving one keynote. They may work in several workshops, talk to attendees to gauge their interests and perceptions, and help company leaders coordinate the event so the messaging remains consistent.

Finding a speaker that fits with the company’s values and culture is one of the most important aspects of getting one that will leave a trail of success after they leave.

Picking the Right Speaker

A company or organization can find the right motivational speaker by first identifying the goals they want to achieve in the meeting. All goals require certain skills so you will need to find a speaker that has the skills to match your organization’s goals.

After that, you will need to consider the price and how easy it is to work with a speaker. You may need to consider whether you have the infrastructure needed to support the speech or show as some may require special lighting, sound, or effects.

The final step is to craft a contract that lists all that is expected of the motivational speaker, outline the fee and other requirements, and when the final bill will be paid. It’s important to be detailed to protect both your company and the speaker from miscommunication or wrongful expectations.

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