Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Corporate Event

It’s important to make corporate events memorable whether you’re throwing them for employees, customers, or potential clients. Each type of event may need specific things but some things should be at every corporate event to make it unforgettable. A list is below.

Great parking

No one wants to show up to a corporate event and have to walk a mile, with women in heels, to get to the venue. Event planners should provide shuttles for attendees if parking is a distance from the venue, in a field, or in an urban area where they must walk several blocks.

People to welcome guests

Guests often don’t know what to expect when they attend events. People stationed at the door to welcome people and  direct them to any bars, food, breakout sessions, keynote speech hall, and restrooms are a great amenity.

Good entertainment

The type of entertainment you have at a corporate event depends on the event’s purpose. A motivational speaker may be the keynote for a new year’s annual meeting or the company may go purely for an entertainer if it’s a holiday party. No matter what you choose, make sure the entertainment can hold the audience’s attention.

Food and Beverages

A longer event will require meals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner with snacks available throughout the day or evening. A shorter event can get by with snacks but make sure the food isn’t cheap.

Never just throw out bagged chips or cookies on a table and expect attendees to be satisfied. If you aren’t serving a meal, serve up trays of food like mini sandwiches, vegetable, and fruit trays, and an array of desserts, or maybe do an elegant table-length charcuterie board.

People will judge the effort you put into the event by how the food looks. Spend a little money to make even simple foods look elegant on their display.

Have a variety of beverages too. You may or may not have alcohol, depending on the event. However, you should have a variety of beverages from water, infused water, lemonade, tea, sodas, and the like.

People Ready to Help

This also depends on the event’s purpose but you should have people available to help attendees with any need they have, from filling out health insurance paperwork to stock investments to answering questions, or helping them find the next breakout session.

This is key because you don’t want long lines of people waiting at one table. Spread several of these help tables around.

Plenty of Security

Those attending events get nervous these days with good reason. Make sure you have security both outside and inside the building. The amount of security depends on the number attending but at least have someone to look over parking and someone near the front of the venue. You may need extra security for your entertainment, depending on how well-known they are and their needs.


Some venues are gorgeous without any added decor but you should have some things that are appropriate for your event. A dinner or area where food is being served should have some table tablecloth or covering and table decors like flowers or flameless candles. A stage area may need some extra decor also, depending on the entertainment, what they’re bringing, and how bare the stage looks.

Any type of themed event cries for decor throughout, on every table, the walls, and the entrance.

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