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The Role of a Motivational Speaker in Employee Engagement

Many companies find that hiring a motivational speaker is incredibly beneficial. The biggest advantage of hiring motivational speakers is the impact they can have on employees. Employees left the session feeling better about their jobs and perhaps looking at new ideas. Employers reap the benefits of more productivity and profitability.

Another function of a motivational speaker is to both inspire and enable employees to become leaders. Motivational speakers can help develop missing leadership skills that will result in more leaders for the company. That helps in building up the company internally without depending on outside leader recruitment.

This is why every organization should consider hiring a motivational speaker – someone who will inspire and encourage employees to do their best while teaching them valuable lessons they can use throughout their careers.

Who is a Motivational Speaker?

A motivational speaker is someone who inspires people to be the best they can be. This can come in several ways. It is most often done by bringing in a guest speaker to give a talk. Sometimes, it happens with a series of speakers addressing a wide range of subjects at a company conference.

Companies that hire their own in-house motivational person will also offer things like team-building sessions, life coach counseling, and brainstorming sessions to empower employees to set and achieve goals.

The ultimate lesson a motivational speaker gives is to show people how they can work together to improve the company, and the product, and make a difference in the world.

Two Key Ingredients for a Motivational Speaker

The role of a motivational speaker in an organization is to inspire employees so that they can achieve their goals, be more productive, work harder and be innovative. However, a motivational speaker is more than someone who gives pep talks. There is knowledge behind what he or she does. That is key to motivation working to improve productivity.

Great motivational speakers have been in business themselves for a while. They have years, possibly decades, of business knowledge. They may even have some expertise in your industry.

This expertise helps your motivational speaker connect with both company leaders and employees. That emotional connection is important, especially for employees. Employees must be able to trust a motivational speaker. They must respect and listen to what they are saying and the only way to do that is to have a speaker who has experience and information to show their authority.

The second key ingredient for a successful motivational speaker is they have perspective. A motivational speaker is more objective when they look at the company or employees. They see the company’s daily activities from a 40,000-foot view so it’s much clearer than someone in the middle of it.

A motivational speaker will have ideas on possible changes but they also bring in information about what others in the industry are doing. That can be a launching pad to start something new at the company.

This new perspective will be a catalyst for ideas and better ways of doing things. Everyone knows managers and employees can get stuck in a daily cycle of work and never opt for changing anything. That can lead to boredom and unproductive work, as well as high turnover.

Fresh ideas can lift employees’ spirits and spearhead them in coming up with new and better ways of doing things. It can be invigorating for them as well as helpful for the company.

If you want your employees to perform better, then hiring a motivational speaker is one way to make them do so. It will make them feel appreciated, which in turn will motivate them to give their best.

A Motivational Speaker Can Address Problems

No company is perfect and some have more problems than others. In today’s world, problems can be a high-turnover rate, quiet quitting, or tension between co-workers. It can also include issues between managers and lower-level employees. A motivational speaker can remedy many of these issues.

Resolving some issues may take more work than others. However, a motivational speaker can work with employees on dealing with confrontation, developing a compromise, how to address concerns to management, and how to be good managers. This often is part of a leadership course that companies will offer or require employees to attend.

A motivational speaker often will include various visual or team exercises to help employees learn about each other and how to work together. This can be in a half-day or full-day conference. Exercises include fun aspects so employees will participate and they generally result in an improvement in the overall attitude of the workplace.

Tips to Choose the Best Motivational Speaker

When choosing a motivational speaker, you should look for someone who is:

  • The best speakers have been in the business for years and know what they are doing.
  • Relevant to your audience. You want someone whose experience and skills can help solve problems that your employees face every day.
  • Find out if their stories are real; if not, then they may not be able to connect with your audience effectively on an emotional level. Their message will fall flat or come across as phony instead of sincere or genuine when delivering it live in front of everyone else during the event itself!
  • Able to teach new things about themselves each time they speak publicly before large groups (like other professionals might do). This way, people won’t feel bored listening to them talk again because there’s always something new worth hearing.
  • Someone that has more information on the internet. This may include information based on previous experiences shared by him/herself beforehand through social media platforms like Facebook, where posts contain valuable information which might include tips & tricks used successfully. It should also indicate their work experience as well as where they have spoken before, whether at companies, school events, or elsewhere.

If you want to be the best, hire the best.

If you want to be the best, hire the best. You can find great motivational speakers through a local or state speaker’s bureau, by calling up others in your industry to see who they use, or by touching base with a state or national organization that serves your industry.

There are also some well-known names out there that can be found by looking on the internet but they will likely be more expensive and you will need to go through their agent to book them.

Many motivational speakers will have an agent that books all their events, particularly if they’ve written books. Some can be booked up for all year so it’s important to plan far ahead if you want to get a top name.

Other speakers book their speaking assignments. Don’t let this dissuade you. They can still be excellent but just aren’t a large enough name to have an agent for constant bookings. Always ask for past references when trying to decide on a motivational speaker.

The key to success is hiring a motivational speaker who can help you achieve your goals. If you want to be successful, achieve your vision and mission, or even meet your annual goals, then hiring an effective motivational speaker is what you need.

Motivational speakers can play a huge role in employee engagement. They can inspire workers to achieve their goals and motivate them to work hard for the company.

Managers who choose to use motivational speakers will notice more productivity, lower turnover rates, improved product quality, and more money in the ledger.

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