Safety speakers for keeping your workforce safer

Safety is a priority for your workers and your business; the right health and safety speaker will inspire.

The average Canadian spends thirty six hours per week or roughly one third of waking hours at work. With so much time spent working, the workplace becomes a huge influence on the overall health and wellness of a person. There are many different facets of health and safety that are easily and often overlooked in the workplace that need to be addressed in order for your business to thrive. But, you don’t have to bore your team with conventional occupational health and safety lectures that’ll go in one ear and out the other. You can bring in a speaker to help deliver the health and safety inspiration your team needs so they can bring their best to your business – and we can help! Here are some things to consider when selecting a speaker that’ll match the unique health and safety concerns of your workplace. 

Inspire a safety mindset in the workplace 

Even well-developed systems of safety protocol are difficult to enforce if the team doesn’t believe in the value and importance of upholding them. When it comes to safety, it can be challenging to plan for the unexpected and easy for workers to adopt the belief that “it won’t happen to me”. How can you reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace when the prevailing attitude is built around cutting corners to get things done? Safety motivational speakers with true stories of life-changing workplace disasters, like Spencer Beach or Dan Clarke, can help your team relate personally to the pitfalls of putting safety awareness last and influence the safety mindset at your workplace from the inside out. 

Prevent burnout and maintain mental wellness among your team 

Stress is one of the biggest and most unrecognized threats to wellness in the workforce today. What’s more, prolonged stress contributes to other long-term mental health challenges that can devastate performance and productivity. With so much stigma around mental health these days, it can be challenging to start the conversations that will lead to lasting wellness at work. Instead of losing staff to stress-leave, you can get ahead of workplace burnout by investing in mental health education at work. Speakers like Martin Lesperance can teach your team how to identify and manage stress before it runs them off the tracks. Leave it to our pros to get the conversation started in a fun way!

Provide entertainment to create a memorable experience and spark positive engagement 

If your team is caught in a cycle of complacency, boredom, and distraction, a little entertainment can go a long way! Workplace health and safety doesn’t have to be boring, and it’s more likely to sink in a stick if it’s presented in a way that is positive and memorable. Comedians like John Wing can really shake up the energy of the workplace with some laughter and fun while staying true to the theme of mental health. We also have many speakers such as Frank King and Garrison Wynn who infuse their messages of health and safety with relatable comedy. They can offer a positive and memorable experience around health and safety topics that can be otherwise drab and daunting. 

Stay ahead of workplace injury and burnout with the right health and safety speaker

We understand the value of building health and safety into the culture of your workplace and we’re here to help you find the right speaker to help. Whether you’re looking to improve safety awareness, prevent injury and accidents, offset stress, or manage mental illness, we can connect you with the perfect speaker for the task! Contact us today to book a speaker to help keep your team safe, health, and giving their best at work.

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