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Finding the right sales speaker to fire up your team.

Why do you need to motivate your sales team?

For many businesses, sales is a vital element of the internal ecosystem, providing the momentum that the entire organization needs to thrive.  When sales are in a slump, the heat and pressure is felt throughout the company. While it’s always ideal to stay ahead of the game and keep your sales team firing on all cylinders, sometimes you need some added input to revitalize a team that’s experiencing a downward trend. That’s where we come in. A sales speaker is a phenomenal way to not only fire up your team but also keep them motivated and performing at their best. Here are some elements to look for when selecting the right sales speaker for your company.

Motivating your team to want to sell better

A big part of getting a sales team to shine is motivation, and a great sales speaker has expertise in this area. Speakers like Chris Gibson — a Motivational Speaker and a Senior Sales, Marketing and Communications Manager for a billion dollar corporation — inherently understand the role that motivation plays in an effective sales team. A key to connecting with the needs of your particular team is matching them with the right speaker.  Your speaker should inspire your team and encourage a desire to not only be a great salesperson, but to continually improve their skills and performance. To achieve this, refer to our speakers’ backgrounds and areas of focus to ensure their is alignment with your sales force.

Educate on effective sales tactics

Even the most motivated sales team might fall flat if they don’t have the tools they need to succeed. The right sales speaker for your team should provide useful strategies and methods to help them achieve their goals. Colette Carlson, a human behaviour expert, focuses on learning how to foster more effective connections with clients. This translates into face to face sales, communication on social media platforms and learning to be more effective in crafting email correspondence. Similarly, learning to understand a customer’s needs allows a sales team to begin tailoring a client’s experience into a positive one designed to close a deal. Other strategies may include effective trend monitoring, cultural sensitivity training, use of technology and media production. By looking at the skills a potential sales speaker can bring to your team, you can find the perfect fit!

Inspire creativity

Sales is not a linear and formula based process. It takes a large degree of improvisation and creativity to successfully navigate difficult situations and create an optimal closing environment. Likewise, attracting new clients often requires some “outside the box” creative thinking. Erin Gargan King has helped major global brands leverage digital persuasion techniques to attract attention to their brands. Finding ways to encourage your sales team to tap into their creativity is a recipe for success, and looking for a sales speaker who can help do this is important. Look for the ways sales speakers have applied creativity in their own marketing and in the job roles they have had in their portfolio. A sales speaker who has walked the walk will be a good choice to motivate your team bring their creativity to the workplace.

A great sales speaker will take your team to new heights!

Some of the key elements to look for when selecting the sales speaker your company needs include the ability to motivate, provide education and encourage creative thinking. The right speaker should have a background that is relatable to your sales team in order to quickly and easily motivate them to want to succeed. Quality education will equip your sales team with the tools they need to act on their new found motivation, and your speaker must effortlessly provide those tools. Creative thinking is an extremely useful tool for connecting with potential clients and navigating the sales process through to a close. We understand how important it is to find the right Sales Speaker for getting your team or audience on track, and we are here to ensure you find the perfect match.

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