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Becoming Preferred Michael Vickers Takes Your Sales To The Next Level

Has your first quarter been less than stellar this year? Are your sales far off from where you predicted they would be by now? If so, don’t wait until next year’s sales kick off meeting to address the problems you and your staff are facing. You can recalibrate your company’s course so you can get back to hitting Q2’s targets.  All you have to do is hire Michael Vickers to inspire your team.


Look To Bilingual Speakers To Maintain Your Bilingual Imperative

It’s not unusual for cross-country and international companies to have bilingual offices, where the ability to speak both French and English is as necessary as any bottom line. When bilingualism is a crucial part of your business, it should be represented in everything that you – including your events. If English isn’t the only language spoken by your clients and employees, can you put on a monolingual presentation and expect success? The answer is rarely ever ‘yes’, in which case our talented and bilingual speakers are here to help.


Stay On Top Of Change With Cheryl Cran

The times, they area a’ changing. As innovations in technology, marketing techniques, human resources, and sales methods, that’s never been more accurate than it is now. You and your company have a choice to make. Either you can accept these changes and adjust your business model accordingly, or you can reject them, keeping to your rigid plan. Even as you read this now, you know what the right decision is. Don’t go the way of the dinosaurs. Make sure your business evolves right along with the changing of the times.


The Best Talent The Prairies Have To Offer

We often think of the largest metropolitan areas as the most important business centres in the world. New York City, Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, and London are just a few that often take the top spots in any ‘big name’ list; however, it’s often the smaller cities throughout the world that are the unsung heroes of business.


Beat The Wintertime Blues With A Motivating Professional Speaker

The dark days of winter are upon us. Though we’ve passed the Winter Solstice (which means the days are technically getting longer) it’s still far too cold and far too dark for our liking. The limited sun can make anyone blue, a feeling only exasperated by the after-Christmas and after-after Christmas sales. If your team is in a rut because of low sales and poor weather, don’t just look forward through the calendar and wish for spring. Take a proactive approach and hire a motivational speaker.


Make the Right Decision Every Time Even Under Pressure

If any of our regular readers consider themselves cinephiles, you’ll be familiar with the movie, The Perfect Storm. The motion picture, starring such Hollywood heavyweights as George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, was based on the creative nonfiction book of the same name chronicling the doomed fate of a fishing boat caught in one of the biggest storms ever recorded off the coast of New England. But the fishing crew wasn’t the only vessel to venture into the volatile seas at that time. The Tamaroa (WMEC-166) led by Captain Larry Brudnicki braved the hurricane to carry out two dramatic rescues.


A Principled Approach to Business

In the light of recent current events regarding civil rights, and a month since we last celebrated Pride and World Aboriginal Day, it’s apparent that we live in a world that demands inclusivity and understanding in our personal, civic, and – increasingly – professional lives. A supportive and respectable working environment is now a right we all demand. We expect our co-workers to provide competent and encouraging assistance with business owners and management leading by example.

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