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How Good Events Go Bad

We’ve all been there before. It’s the third day of a week-long conference, and you just got back from lunch. You and your colleagues settle in for another presentation, the lights go down, and the celebrated speaker takes to the stage. Then he or she proceeds to drone on and on, telling story after story without following any clear direction or providing any true substance. Disorganized, self-satisfied, and backed by a truly terrible PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, the speaker is awful. Dull. So boring, in fact, that you can’t help the way your knee bounces or the way you doodle on your page, whilst you’re painfully aware that your next break is hours away. 


The Best Talent The Prairies Have To Offer

We often think of the largest metropolitan areas as the most important business centres in the world. New York City, Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, and London are just a few that often take the top spots in any ‘big name’ list; however, it’s often the smaller cities throughout the world that are the unsung heroes of business.


Watch Out for Steve Brinder’s Razor Sharp Wit

Conventions, conferences, and meetings run the risk of being unbearably trite and dull. Unfortunately, if yours is planned without a dynamic entertainer, the danger of boring your audience to tears is all too real. To avoid such a fate, you need a vibrant, hysterical stand-up comedian like Steve Brinder. Known as one of Canada’s funniest (and nicest) comics, Steve can breathe life into a dreary event and ensure the only tears your audience will be wiping away are from laughter.


Speakers to Look Out for This Spring

As we usher in spring, it’s not hard to feel optimistic now that our days are longer, warmer, and sunnier. The warm weather outside can be infectious, as the season of renewal and rebirth inspires individuals to recharge after a long winter. If you find yourself ready to take on new opportunities of growth, it’s important that your company-wide revitalization is helped along by upbeat and inspirational speakers. That’s why we’re going to shine a spotlight on some of our up and coming speakers today.


The Science behind Choosing a Speaker

Never underestimate the power a carefully chosen keynote or motivational speaker can have over an event. Choose wrong and they can set the completely wrong tone for the occasion, missing the mark by miles when it comes to your objectives and preferences. Choose correctly and they can educate, motivate, and inspire your audience to be their best. We recognize the impact a speaker can have on your event and the experience of your guests. That’s why we’re so passionate about connecting you with the right speaker for your audience.


How to Keep on Top of Changing Demographics

Whether you operate a product- or service-based company, you need to understand who your customers are in order to be successful. We’re not talking about knowing each individual customer on a first-name basis (although that is a nice touch); we, like thousands of business experts before us, suggest a less individual approach. Rather than the distinct name of each customer, you should have an understanding of what features make up your average shopper.

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