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Patient Experience SPEAKERS

It is not a curse, but every hospital and clinic all over the world is bound to receive new patients’ every day. Depending on the clinic or hospital, each patient is going to receive treatment that reflects the type or level of the clinic he or she visited. How the hospital or clinic treat or take care of their patient is what is referred to as patient experience. A more detailed explanation would define Patient experience as the interactions patients’ experience with the health care system, such as the care derived from doctors, health plans, nurses and hospital staffs, physician practices, including other health care facilities.

Patient experience is often confused with patient satisfaction. However, there is a big difference between the two as while patient experience has more to do with the clinic or hospital’s services, patient satisfaction checks whether the patients’ expectations were met. This because a health center might have a high level of service, but still not meet a patient’s expectation.

Knowledge of what patient experience entails is a crucial step towards providing patients with the best care and treatment. By observing various areas of patient experience, one can determine the level to which patients are receiving health care. Patient experience plays a vital role in social settings like workplaces, companies, and organizations. It has been proven that a high level of employee engagement can actually lead to striking improvements in a patient’s experience. Employing healthcare staffs who are highly skilled tend to develop a good patient experience.

Some persons have vast knowledge on patient experience. These individuals are known as patient experience speakers and give speeches aimed at engaging people in order to improve patient healthcare. They also offer unique knowledge and expertise in this field and provide valuable knowledge in this field to individuals or organizations.

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