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How intelligent a person is, is a significant parameter to note. This is why the intelligence quotient (IQ) was developed as a means to access the intelligence of an individual. However, there is another important parameter that should also be measured or developed in every individual. This parameter is called emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) goes by many other names that include emotional leadership (EL), emotional quotient (EQ), and emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ).

What then is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to perceive, access, generate, understand, and regulate one’s emotions. In other words, it is the ability of a person to recognize, control, and manage his own emotions, while also being able to express empathy to others by also understanding the emotions of others. Much like the intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence can also be measured using standardized tests, which then results in the Emotional Quotient. The higher the value of a person’s emotional quotient, the higher the emotional intelligence of that person. However, one difference between the IQ and EQ is that unlike the IQ which becomes fixed by the time a person gets to a certain age, the EQ can be altered and improved no matter the age.

Emotional intelligence is crucial in our everyday life as it determines how individuals relate with others in their lives. It is also important in an organizational setting, as it helps employees to be able to gauge the emotional stability of fellow employees and customers so as to be able to relate with others better.

Speakers who talk about emotional intelligence are known as emotional intelligence speakers. These speakers assists organizations to incorporate self-awareness, empathy, and encouragement into their workplace ethics, thereby creating an ideal and motivational environment where employees can thrive as individuals and professionals. Emotional intelligence speakers also lecture individuals on the importance of EQ, how it can be managed, and how best they can hone their emotional intelligence in order to overcome life’s challenges.

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