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When there are good times, there will also be times that are not so good. defined adversity as “catastrophe, disaster; trouble, misery; adverse fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune.” It is a situation nobody wants, but the reality is that everybody goes through a dark point in their lives no matter the status or wealth that a person possesses. An excellent example is the current president of the United States of America who went through a rough patch in the late 90s, although he has gotten himself back up, and went on to do better. This shows that adversity of bad times could hit anybody no matter who the person is.

Adversity can come in different forms such as physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial adversity. Adversities are inevitable in life, and the companies are not excluded. Adversity in business can come in diverse forms, a rigid staff relationship, conflicting objectives of diverse functions, misperceptions or misunderstanding among a group of co-workers.

There are employees who go through adversity, if this is not properly checked, it could lead to a reduction in the efficiency and productivity of such an employee and the company or organization in general.

Adversity speakers are individuals who are skilled at empowering people, including workplace employees, to identify, understand, and triumph over their personal adversities. They also give hints on the best possible ways to manage each category of adversity whenever it rises. These speakers include politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and regular Individuals have suffered major setbacks, endured defeat, been mentally and physically challenged. However, they have discovered a way not just to overcome these obstacles, but to thrive while doing so. They are thus willing to share their experiences with those who care to listen.

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Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, Social Entrepreneur and Expert

Mt. Everest Climber, Summiteer & Two Time Cancer

Spent Years As An Industry Innovator, Inc. 500

An Extraordinary Story Of Triumph After Burning Alive. 

Born Without Arms, He Is Living Proof That Removing The

New York Times Bestselling Author & Journalist, Held

World And Paralympic Champion And Peak Performance Expert.

Canadian Football League Legend, Leading Passer In The Game

Award-winning Sports Journalist And Analyst; NFL Reporter

By The Age Of 3 She Was In Florida’s Foster Care System

Navy SEAL Combat Veteran, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author,

Author Of Eight Books, Best Known As "the Mom Who Built Her

Former Combat Pilot & P.O.W. Was Shot Down, Captured,

At 23 Cheryl Started An Insurance Brokerage And Propelled

2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist in Women's Hockey.

Former Olympian, Cliff's Life Changed Forever On A

Millennial Speaker, Author, Retention Expert, Shows You The

The World's Greatest Blind Athlete.  Craig Has Taken One

Electrocuted With 14,400 Volts Of Electricity. Went On To

Teaches Us The Importance Of Safety Rules, Safety

Head coach of The First Canadian Women's Hockey Team to Win

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Become the Leader You

Abducted & Held Prisoner For 9 Grueling Months, Shows

Former NFL Player, Inspiring Leaders And Sales

Ordinary Person Achieving Extraordinary Results Against

Best Female Hockey Player In The World - Four-Time Olympic

Former CFL Hall of Famer & NFL player. From Poverty to

Two-Time Olympian, Four-Time Paralympian, Six-Time World

Famed One Handed MLB Player, Overcame A Birth Defect Of

Most People Know Jim For His Success On The Ice In Lake

Athlete, Author, Teacher, Never Give Up On A Dream - The

Suddenly Lost Of Her Sight (While Working At A School For

John O’leary Was Expected to Die. Today He Teaches Others

Stroke Survivor, Author, Julia Fox Garrison Was Told She'd

Overcame Total Paralysis From A Devastating Double Brain

Survived A Horrific Scorching To Over 50 Percent Of His

One Of Canada’s Leading Entrepreneurs Has Founded And

Decorated Combat Pilot, Expert On Performing Under

Four-time Olympic Medalist, Kristina Is Canada's Most

Led Two Dramatic Rescue Missions During The Worst Weather

On October 5, 1982 Laurie Became The First Canadian To

Currently Ranked Top 3 In The World In Ladies Long Drive.

Maja’s Home Was Destroyed By Genocide In Former

NBA All-Star, Mark Eaton Shows Clients How To Get Their

Inspirational Emmy Award Winning Television Personality And

From Life On The Streets As A Child To One Of The Nations

Three Time Olympian And A Member Of Two Olympic Gold Medal

Bestselling Author, Survived A Horrendous Automobile

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