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There is a famous adage that goes thus, “health is wealth.” Health is more than just being free from diseases; it requires your body system to be in perfect condition. The definition by WHO perfectly describes what health is all about, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health is the most important thing t consider in a person’s life. It is of utmost importance to pay as much as attention as possible to health, as even a little issue with health, make a person at a lower efficiency than when he or she is healthy.

Healthcare is simply the prevention, treatment, and the management of an illness or the maintenance of physical and mental well-being. It is of great benefit that we take our health care seriously. Take, for example, as an employee, in a company; efficiency level is meant to be at 120% at all times. If the absence of proper healthcare causes the efficiency level to drop to even 90%, that employee runs the not completing his or her tasks in due time and thus could be queried or fired. Access to quality health care services may differ across communities, countries, however, the use of quality health care services is an effective means of obtaining optimum health results.

There are special individuals who have vast knowledge in the health care sector. These individuals are skilled at providing the necessary health care advice to people who have certain health challenges. Their lectures are also aimed at tutoring their audience on how to best manage their health and prevent unnecessary illness. Most of these speakers are medical practitioners who have a huge amount of experience

An Extraordinary Story Of Triumph After Burning Alive. This sentence is invisible .

World And Paralympic Champion And Peak Performance Expert. This sentence is invisible .

Andy Ignites A Cultural Transformation To Cultivate & Empower Future Leaders, In Order To Improve Performance, Advance Business Growth, And Transform Customer Experience.

By The Age Of 3 She Was In Florida’s Foster Care System Where She Spent Almost Ten Years Being Shuttled Between 14 Homes, Became An International Bestselling Author & Quintessential American Success Story.

One Of Most Recognizable Sports Figures; Named To “50 Greatest Nba Players Of All-time” List; Basketball Hall Of Fame Member.

As The First Female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot In The U.S. Navy, Carey Lohrenz Is Used To Working In Fast Moving, Dynamic Environments Where Inconsistent Execution Can Generate Catastrophic Results.

Given A Zero Chance Of Survival After 14400 Volts Of Electricity Surged Through His Body Three Separate Times.

Helping You and Your Group Deal With the Hectic Pace of Work and Personal Life and Have Some Fun While Doing It.

Influence Expert Garrison Wynn Is An, Author, Chemical Plant Explosion Survivor, A Speaker Known For His Entertaining, Customized And Research Driven Programs.

Brain Health & Wellness Speaker, Discovering The Secrets of a Healthy Brain

Bestselling Author And Senior Editor-at-large, Fortune Magazine.  Helping Leaders Respond To Disruptive Trends Impacting Business.

Suddenly Lost Of Her Sight (While Working At A School For Blind Children).

Self-care Expert, Health, Fitness And Balance. The Wisdom And Skills That Jonathan Shares Will Dramatically And Measurably Move You Toward Taking Control Of Your Own Personal Health And Wellness.

Best-selling Author And Ted Speaker, Judy Carter Reconnect Your Staff To Living And Working A Purposeful Life.

Stroke Survivor, Author, Julia Fox Garrison Was Told She'd Never Get Out Of A Wheelchair, Yet Taught Herself To Walk Again, And In The Process, Taught Others To Have Faith In Themselves.

Maja’s Home Was Destroyed By Genocide In Former Yugoslavia That Killed 250,000 People And Injured Millions. When She Was 16, While Sitting With 5 Of Her Friends A Rocket Propelled Grenade Exploded Killing All 5 Of Her Friends. Maja Was Severely Injured.

Humorist Speaker Who Combines The Skills Of A Premiere Stand-up Comic With Hands-on Experience In Healthcare To Motivate, Inspire, And Entertain Her Audiences.

At The Center Of One Of The Most Remarkable Modern Day Stories Of Organizational Transformation. At The Age Of 36, The Navy Selected Mike To Become Commander Of USS Benfold.

Inspirational Emmy Award Winning Television Personality And Advocate For Patients Worldwide, Shortly After Being Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis (Ms) In 1999.

First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Fighter Squadron Commander, Combat Veteran, Career-ending Tick Bite Left Her With 5 Chronic Illnesses and Unable to Fly.

Bestselling Author, Survived A Horrendous Automobile Accident That Left Him A Quadriplegic, Inspires Audiences To Take Action Both Personally And Professionally.

The World’s First Heart Transplant Recipient to Play a Professional Sport.

Survived Third And Fourth Degree Burns To 90 Percent Of His Body.

In A Fun, Engaging And Edu-taining Way Stephanie Helps Companies Grow Their Great Resource - Happy, Inspired And Positive Employees!

Over Came Amazing Odds & Became The Winner Of The Inaugural Season Of The Amazing Race

Will Give Your Team The Mindset Shift Required To Change Their Perception; To Breakthrough Mental Barriers And Limiting Beliefs.