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Communication SPEAKERS

Communication is an activity we engage in on a daily basis; it is how people are able to relate with each other. Even animals like dogs and cats communicate in one form or the other in order to get certain things done. This shows the importance of communication. The term can be defined as the act of transmitting information from one place, person, or group to another. The minimum requirement for communication to take place is a sender, the message, a medium, and a recipient.

A message is a piece of information; it could be anything like a letter, picture, and so on. The sender is the person who wants to share a message; the recipient, on the other hand, is the person the message is intended for, while, the medium is the means by which the communication would take place. There are several mediums of communication, and they include face to face, telephone, telex, fax, e-mail, telegram, radio, newspapers, and others. The transmission of the message from the sender to a recipient can be influenced by many things, which include emotions, the type of communication medium, location, and much more.

However, just having all these components is not enough; they all have to be in the right condition in other to make it work effectively. This what we called Effective Communication. Communication is effective when the message is properly encoded, delivered through the right medium, and is accurately decoded by the recipient. An expert communicator is effective at all points in the communication process and is comfortable using different types of communication mediums.

However, effective communication is an issue for many people, and they struggle to convey their thoughts and feelings when sending a message accurately. Their message does not reflect their intentions, and so the recipient most often misunderstands and misinterprets the message. This can lead to frustration, confusion, missed opportunities, and wasted efforts.

There are individuals who are skilled at helping people build effective communication. These unique set of individuals are referred to as communication speakers. Communication speakers help checkmate the issue of faulty communication and provide ways in which one can improve his/her communication skills.

Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, Social Entrepreneur and Expert in High Performance

Improve Communication and Leadership, Build Emotional Intelligence, and Build Unstoppable Resilience.

Award-winning Sports Journalist And Analyst; NFL Reporter And Columnist

Expert On Emotional Intelligence, Dealing With Change, Building Teams & Becoming A Great Leader.

High Performance Coach, Innovation, Change, accountability, Leadership Based On Neurological Science & Best Practices.

Discover How A Memory Expert Can Dramatically Improve You Sales, Productivity And Relationships.

Navy SEAL Combat Veteran, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Building High Performance Teams, Improving Leadership, Culture Engagement

Engaging higher performance through improved business culture and more consistent in-sync employee behavior.

Fun, Motivational Keynote Speeches On Change Leadership And How To Influence With Power And Purpose.

There Is An Urgent Need For Proactive Leaders, Teams And Entrepreneurs To Actively Seek Out And Apply Strategies To Create The Future Of Work.

Bash Equips Us With The Practical Tools We Need To Increase Productivity, Connect With Others And Contribute To Humanity.

Chris will have you eager to get started implementing new customer service strategies the minute you get back to work. Chris will show you how to Shift Your Perspective so you can Stand Out.

Human Behavior Expert Inspires Individuals To Create Effective Connections, And Leverage Them For Greater Success.

Author, Speaks On The Challenges Of Selling In Today's Market With Proven Strategies To Drive Nonstop Sales Results.

Multiple-Time TEDx Speaker, Author, Interviewed Over 2500 Thought Leaders.

Best Selling Author, Distraction Expert, Curt Can Show You How To Harness Your Own Attention, Improve Your Entire Organization's Productivity, And Rise Above The Noise To Recapture Your Distracted Customers.

The Change Management Specialist - Recognized As One Of Today's Original Thinkers And Motivators On Transition.

America's Leading expert On Dealing With Change, Give Your Audience the Power and Inspiration to Lead and Motivate Through Change

Authority On Sales And Marketing, Building Customer Loyalty.  Author Of 29 Books, Including The New Art Of Managing People, The Platinum Rule.

Influence Expert Garrison Wynn Is An, Author, Chemical Plant Explosion Survivor, A Speaker Known For His Entertaining, Customized And Research Driven Programs.

Former Monk, Award Winning Host, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Game - Changer in the World of Social Media

Diversity Stategist, Best-selling Author, Assists Leaders In Understanding Diversity Issues So They May Attract, Retain And Engage Their Ideal Workforce.

Learn How To Improve Your Leadership, Solve Generational Issues, Kickstart Innovation, & Perfect Your Customer Experience

Suddenly Lost Of Her Sight (While Working At A School For Blind Children).

John O’leary Was Expected to Die. Today He Teaches Others How to Truly Live.

Global Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, Advisor & Author who has helped more than 80,000 people to Lead, Speak & Sell with greater Confidence, Power & Persuasion!

Author And Expert On Customer Experience And Customer Centric Transformation.

Change Maker, Momentum Creator, Exceptional Communicator & Business Fixer. In Less Than Three Years She Lead A Small Team To Raise $7M For A Network Of Hospitals In Ethiopia. She Then Went On To Transform A Network.

Author Of Toxic People: Decontaminating Difficult People At Work Without Using Weapons Or Duct Tape.

Humorist Speaker Who Combines The Skills Of A Premiere Stand-up Comic With Hands-on Experience In Healthcare To Motivate, Inspire, And Entertain Her Audiences.

Author, Host Of The New Daytime Syndicated Talk Show The Mel Robbins Show. Her Social Media Platforms Inspire More Than 60 Million People Every Month.

Merge Gives People Specific And Practical Tools To Help Them Achieve Leadership And Communication Success, Turning Managers Into Leaders.

Inviting Participation In A New Program Or Initiative Can Be Daunting And Time Consuming. The Energized Approach By Michael Melnik Helps Companies "Generate And Capture" The Energy Needed For The Success Of Any Program Or Initiative.

Head Basketball Coach Notre Dame - Teamwork, Dedication To Excellence And Accountability.

Mike Is A Former MLB Player, Author, Thought Leader And Sought-after Speaker Who Teaches People, Leaders, And Teams To Infuse Their Lives And Businesses With Authenticity And Appreciation.

Communications Expert - World Leader In Turning First Impressions Into Profitable Relationships.

Richard Shows Employees How to Focus Better and Avoid Mistakes That Can Lead to Accidents.  Gives Safety Leaders Practical, Proven Techniques That Will Increase Their Influence.

Fascination Is The Most Intense State Of Focus. When You Fascinate Someone, They Can’t Stop Thinking About You And Your Message.

Bestselling Author, Filmmaker And Business Revolutionary In Narrative Science. His Books, Shifting Sands And Follow Your Compass, Tell An Epic Story Are International Bestsellers.

Tammy Is An Expert At Engaging People At The Deepest Level, As A Lifelong Student Of What Gets People Excited To Take Action And Care About Their Impact.

Author Of 10 Steps To Sales Success - Learn About Leadership, Effective Communication And Closing Skills.

The Unlikely Teacher - Award Winning Educator, Comedian, & Motivational Speaker

Former NFL Quarterback, Authority On Leadership, Leading Change And Accelerating Performance.

Using Magic As His Metaphor Vinh Shows How Creating And Cultivating The Right Influence In Our Lives Can Make The Difference Between Tremendous Success Or Limited Mediocrity.