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Tim Koslo

Koslo’s Show Doesn’t Just Rely On Visual Stimuli For Audience Response. Mastered Dialects, Witty Prop Interplay, Dead-On Impressions And Impressive Electric Guitar Absurdities Together With Hilarious Off The Wall Humour Make Up Tim’s Show.

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Tina Varughese

Learn How To Communicate With The Cross Cultural Advantage.  Increase Productivity, & Performance In The Workplace

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Warren MacDonald

Will Give Your Team The Mindset Shift Required To Change Their Perception; To Breakthrough Mental Barriers And Limiting Beliefs.

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William James Game Shows

Master Game Show Host & Creator William James Has Been Making Crowds Laugh Full Time For Over 25 Years.  Interactive, Customizable, And A Lot Of Fun!

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William James Hypnotist

Uses Hypnosis As An Entertaining Art Form. Regarded As One Of Canada’s Best Hypnotists, William James Delivers A Mesmerizing Event!

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