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Mike Schlappi

At 14, Mike was involved in a tragic shooting accident which Doctors said he would never walk again.  He went on to become a Gold Medalist, MBA, Author.

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Richard Hawk

Richard Shows Employees How to Focus Better and Avoid Mistakes That Can Lead to Accidents.  Gives Safety Leaders Practical, Proven Techniques That Will Increase Their Influence.

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Ricky Rollins

Safety Is About More Than Protecting Yourself. It Is About Protecting Your Coworkers, Your Friends, And Your Family From A Life Without You.

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Rob Waldo Waldman

Waldo Leverages His Experience As A Fighter Pilot, Author, Successful Businessman And Entrepreneur To Deliver High Content Programs.

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Robyn Benincasa

World Champion Eco-Challenge Adventure Racer, CNN Hero, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Ryan Walter

NHL Player & Coach, Stanley Cup Champion, Author

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Scott Burrows

Bestselling Author, Survived A Horrendous Automobile Accident That Left Him A Quadriplegic, Inspires Audiences To Take Action Both Personally And Professionally.

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Spencer Beach

Survived Third And Fourth Degree Burns To 90 Percent Of His Body.

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Stuart Ellis-Myers

How Does Someone Living With The Rare Neurological Tourettes Syndrome Become A Business Mastery Success And Inspirational Keynote Speaker? By Becoming Unstoppable.

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Todd Huston

Todd Is An Amputee, Author, World Record Holder And Inventor Whose Life Is Committed To Inspiring Others To Be Their Best.

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Safety Stories With A Message

Hear real life safety stories from speakers that have been personally affected by workplace injury or fatality. Find out how their lives and the people around them, have been drastically changed in an instant! A Health and Safety Speaker will add value to your organization and leave a lasting impact, that no policy or procedure will.

Create And Sustain A Culture of Safety

Safety programs create a safe, healthy, and productive environment to work in, reducing business costs and disruptions in the workplace. Because an organizations most valuable asset are it's people, our experts are here to help your employees achieve health, safety success and target zero!
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