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Piano Catz Bring Everybody from Cab Calloway to the King

You’re planning a special event; maybe it’s to put on a great show for your company’s clients, maybe it’s a big charity fundraiser, or you’re organizing a trade show. You need an entertainer who’s going to be appropriate for a corporate function, who’s going to get the crowd tapping its toes, and manage to please a demographically diverse audience. With all the chaos you have to endure dealing with caterers, venues, AV technicians, and promotions, take it from the crew at Corporate Entertainers: you could use some help. That’s why we want to introduce you to a musical group we’ve built a great relationship with over the years. It’s time to meet Winnipeg’s dueling piano darlings: Piano Catz.

Try Not to Trip On Your Big Night: Hire a Tightwire Walker

Planning an event and looking for something a little different for entertainment? Bands are often a safe bet, but if you really want to make an impression, you may have to get more creative. One way to really “wow” your audience is to bring in a circus-style performer. Jugglers, tightwire walkers, and unicyclists bring some clean, clowning fun to the show, and truly impress with their daring, often dangerous feats.

Sylvain Larocque, the Darling of French Canada, is Ready to Make the Night

It being Canada, many of our clients have contacted us for help in finding a bilingual performer for their upcoming keynote, gala, or charity function. Offices across the country operate in more than just English, and so will their events. If the core presentations of corporate events are spoken in English, French, or a combination of both, it only makes sense to hire a performer who can match your linguistic dexterity. When you need someone who can comfortably go back and forth between both official languages, there’s no better choice than Sylvain Larocque. Celebrated mega-star of French Canadian comedy, he’ll keep your crowd giggling no matter what.

How Good Events Go Bad

We’ve all been there before. It’s the third day of a week-long conference, and you just got back from lunch. You and your colleagues settle in for another presentation, the lights go down, and the celebrated speaker takes to the stage. Then he or she proceeds to drone on and on, telling story after story without following any clear direction or providing any true substance. Disorganized, self-satisfied, and backed by a truly terrible PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, the speaker is awful. Dull. So boring, in fact, that you can’t help the way your knee bounces or the way you doodle on your page, whilst you’re painfully aware that your next break is hours away. 

Becoming Preferred Michael Vickers Takes Your Sales To The Next Level

Has your first quarter been less than stellar this year? Are your sales far off from where you predicted they would be by now? If so, don’t wait until next year’s sales kick off meeting to address the problems you and your staff are facing. You can recalibrate your company’s course so you can get back to hitting Q2’s targets.  All you have to do is hire Michael Vickers to inspire your team.

Look To Bilingual Speakers To Maintain Your Bilingual Imperative

It’s not unusual for cross-country and international companies to have bilingual offices, where the ability to speak both French and English is as necessary as any bottom line. When bilingualism is a crucial part of your business, it should be represented in everything that you – including your events. If English isn’t the only language spoken by your clients and employees, can you put on a monolingual presentation and expect success? The answer is rarely ever ‘yes’, in which case our talented and bilingual speakers are here to help.

Let An Internet Speaker Revitalize Your Brand

Without effective marketing, the success of your business is an unlikely event. You need something that will do more than just reach your target audience; you need something that will resonate with current and prospective customers. But in this marketplace, that’s easier said than done. Times are changing and trends are shifting so rapidly that it can seem like the only consistent thing is their unpredictability. If your team is struggling to analyze mobile marketing and incorporate them into your brand, then it’s time that you get in touch with the experts. Our Internet Speakers are proven professionals who understand the trends affecting internet marketing, branding, and sales, and they can share with your company techniques that will guarantee your online success. 

How To Foster Creativity In The Workplace

When ideas are the very basis of your business, you can’t let uninspired, stagnated thinking sabotage your success. You need employees who are confident enough to think outside the box and offer up unique solutions to predictable problems. Promoting a culture of creativity within the office is easier said than done, as it takes considerable skill to hone individuals’ abilities to observe, innovate, and collaborate. You can make this process much easier on yourself and your office by hiring one of the top creativity and innovation speakers to give advice on how to harness the inner creativity that thrives in everyone.

Stand-Up Comedian & Mentalist Perry James Is Perfect for Your Event

For a night that demands originality, fun, and wonder, look no further than Perry James. Part stand-up comedian, part magician, Perry blends the two worlds together flawlessly in a performance you have to see to believe. With over 20 years in the business (and over 2,000 performances on his résumé), Perry is a veteran of comedy and magic. His combined experience and raw talent as a performer gives him an unparalleled ability to connect with and surprise his audiences in a show that delights and amazes.

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